Sunday, March 15, 2009

How to reduce electricity bil.

In one of the management meeting i did attend recently, we discussed about saving utilities usages in this case the electricity. I gave my opinion based on my expertice. I told them the issue why our bil skyrocketed to RM100,000 because of the building design. I gave one building that was poorly design that is the Mechanical Department. Most of our aircon's cold air disppeared via the ceiling and roof because of no insulation . I thing it around 80%. To test it, is simple. Switch off the air con and wait how many minutes the temperature is backed to 32. If the insulation is good, after an hour we can still feel the cold.

The insulation should be improve. Thick Rockwool should be placed for proper roof insulation. Wall should be thick enough to have insulation in between. Inner wall should be made of bata- good insulation. The window, the glass should be doubled or two layers thus reduce heat reduction. Well it was just a spontaneous response. I was not well prepared with the technical details. So I guess not all the committee listen.

Have to read more on green architecture...

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nuratikahseman said...

most of us try to not listen becoz they think we just try to get attention..but the other way round, we really mean what we said!!!it sincere to help and response. rite???