Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Perjumpaan Dengan Pelajar

Time to Meet the Students (Meet Uncle Hussin)

Time to meet the students..if in the states they are classified as seniors, junior, sophomore and freshmen and adult students. In Polytechnics there are classified into two categories, pelajar baru and pelajar lama. So have to plan what you're going to say to these students...if not it will become a welcoming boring speech. For sure most of the students will dooze...

I like to use Analogy in speech. For this particular group of students (The Freshie) I used an analogy about fishing industry in Japan. (I managed to grap a book about japanese Management Styles before I when to sleep).

In Japan the people love to eat fish. To ensure the fish is marketable when reaching the port, the fishermen had to search ways to make their catchs fresh. In the early days they used salt and ice. This was not so effective. Next, the japanese place their catchs in tanks of water. So that when the catchs reaches the port the fishes still alive. But then, the customers still dont like the taste. I guess the japanese can differentiate the taste of fish that are in the container and the fish that are wild. So what the fishermen did was amazing. They place small baby sharks in the tank. This baby sharks will chase the fishes in the tanks and make the fishes more tasty.

Back to the students. PDs' students are the fishes, the tank is the politeknik and the little sharks are the lecturers. I guess the KJ will be the big sharks. The lecturers will chase the students (the fish) who are lazy bumb, bite them in order to unsure t that they are marketable when graduating. I am not sure wheather my message reached my audience..But from their body language, I guess what I was trying to address mereka boleh faham.

For this afternoon, perjumpaan Pelajar Luar bersama Pengarah and the police, I have to thinks a new analogy. Any clues....

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