Tuesday, January 4, 2011

old stuff

A - ArchiBlog (a portal to architecture on the web)
B - Belly of an Architect
C - the Contemporist (a blog on contemporary design)
D - design duct
E - Elseplace (a blog by archinect editor, Orhan Ayyüce)
F - Floating Podium (Architectural News floating in the Blogosphere)
G - Grassroots Modern (bringing modern design to the masses)
H - Hipercroquis
I - Inhabitat
J - Jetson Green (popular blog about modern green architecture...get it Jetson green)
K - Karrie Jacobs (A blog about cities, buildings, and the spaces in-between)
L - Life Without Buildings (Architecture out of context by architect Jimmy Stamp)
M - Modern (Modern Houses | Modern Architects | Modern Design)
N - Notes on Becoming a Famous Architect
O - Open Form Architecture (practice blog is a both a portfolio and inspiration)
P - Pruned (on landscape architecture and related fields)
Q - Quiet Observations from Archi-Hell (do you really need an explanation for this?)
R - rolu | dsgn (the blog of landscape designers meant more for inspiration than advertisement - it is energetic and enjoyable)
S - Space Invading (an image feed of architecturally-relevant blog posts, created by the fine folks at archinect)
T - Tropolism
U + Um Arquiteto em Brasilia (in Portuguese)
V - Veritas et Venustas (a new urbanist, but I forgive him)
W - the WonderSphere (another archinect regular, Emily Kemper's musings on architecture, sustainability, travel, design and....brunch)
X - find one or start one for inclusion
Y - ykbk (a passionate blog about the act of design through hand drawings)
Z - Zora (a multilingual blog on architecture)

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